teddy corgi

Because, what our clients say matters

Our clients enjoy bonding with their dogs and bringing more joy into their relationship with their pets is what its all about.

Melanie and Teddy

Ahmia is a very gifted communicator to both people and animals.  It makes her a very gifted dog trainer.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to bond more with their dog and deeply enjoy the time you have together.  Through group classes or 1:1 private sessions, Ahmia will teach you how to attain the goals you are looking for whether it be puppy socialization, beginner to advanced obedience, trick training and more.  She truly cares about your goals and your success.  Melanie G.

Teddy does the most lovely winter time trick

Laura and Georgie

Ahmia’s approach is driven by dog psychology. She took the time to explain the body language and motivations of our large breed reactive dog so we could better read her and understand the “why” behind her aggression with other dogs. It was exactly what we needed to stop losing hope and start putting in place practical training methods to help us handle social interactions. We have a 130 lbs mastiff who returned home from a board and train with Ahmia able to heel and walk on a loose leash, go to her place, stay for polite greetings and a host of other good behaviors!

Georgie does “back up” a trick we teach to strengthen hind end and build large dog’s body awareness.

Kayleen and Phoenix

We first came to Ahmia when my dog, Phoenix, was almost 2 years old. We had moved to a new house where fence aggression had become an issue and I was expecting my first child. I wanted to nail down some more solid training before I had the baby. We worked with Ahmia for weeks. She’s really great at training you, as the owner, because that’s what matters most. Anybody can train your dog but if your dog doesn’t listen to you then what good is all that training? We worked on walking, impulse control, healthy ways to exercise his body and brain, and how to understand dog body language. I had worked with trainers in the past but they were your basic, puppy school and general commands, type of trainers. Later on we ran into some problems that had us overwhelmed as owners. Feeling lost about what to do I reached out to Ahmia. I trust her, I trust that she cares about my dog and I value her opinion. If it’s something she doesn’t think she’s able to help with then she’ll refer you to somebody that she thinks is more suited to help with a specific problem. I’ll be blunt about it, I love my dog to death but he’s an asshole. He’s a lot of work but because of Ahmia and the people she’s introduced us to, we have the tools and know how to make sure he is happy, healthy and safe!

Heather and Lucy

We were having behavioral issues with our female Cane Corso/Neapolitan mix in the presence of other dogs. She was aggressive and very difficult to handle. Ahmia worked with us in and out of our home on several occasions trying different techniques with the single goal of having a manageable large dog in public, specifically around other canine friends. Ahmia was nothing but professional and clear in what we needed to do to be successful. We miss having her in Colorado. Ms. Scott is excellent in communication with the humans and pups ? and absolutely knows what she is doing.

Meander and Lisa

I adopted a dog named Meander from a shelter, where Ahmia was the Behavior & Training Manager and held both public and private training classes. Meander had been a stray on a reservation, had reactive tendencies towards other dogs when on a leash or in his kennel, would guard his resources around other dogs, and pulled all over the place when on a leash. I enrolled him in Ahmia’s Basic Manners class. Ahmia is a clearly gifted trainer who knows instinctively how to guide both dogs and their owners to help them to create a bonded, trusting relationship, and provide the tools needed to be able to communicate effectively. She also keeps abreast of the current research on dog behavior. Her approach is well-informed and practical, and she is a natural problem solver. Her wheels are always turning to customize her training plans, because she treats each dog-human relationship as unique. Meander and I graduated from Basic Manners with loose leash walking skills, and a solid stay and recall. He also learned how to greet people politely, and make eye contact and sit calmly when asking for something. He learned to relax around other dogs, and most of all, to trust me. We went on to graduate from Ahmia’s Advanced class, where we proofed his skills, added distance, duration and distractions, and learned some tricks, too! Ahmia helped to open my eyes to his potential for learning new things, and I’ll always be grateful to have learned so much from her before she left Colorado. Kentucky, you are lucky to have her!