Teaching Your Dog to Learn to Earn

Learn to Earn is a program I suggest to most students because it drastically speeds up training time in many common behavior challenges like excessive barking, pulling on leash, bad manners and low-impulse control. When it comes to serious behavior problems where there is risk of a dog biting, becoming aggressive or being rehomed it’s a program that is a must.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Kennel Training

Kennel training is something I recommend to all my clients with young puppies and most newly adopted dogs. Kennel training fast tracks the house training process and provides your puppy a safe retreat.
How to pick a kennel, teach your puppy to go in on cue, teach your puppy to stay in his kennel and how to relax in his kennel.


Adopting a new dog is a lifetime commitment. Staff that works at animal shelters and rescues do their very best to give you accurate information about the dog. Sometimes you may see things and feel that you don’t see it while visiting. They give you information about the dog’s history it is important to take that into consideration even if YOU don’t see it right then and there. Shelters are scary places for dogs and dogs show their fear in different ways like shutting down or over excitement. They may show behaviors at home that they didn’t show in the shelter. Staff can give you this sort of important insight.