Adult Dog Training & Behavior Modification

Adult Dog Basic Package

– 1 year and older

This package was designed for dogs 1 year and older. The Adult Basic Dog Package is (6) one- hour in home training sessions. In this package, your dog will learn basic obedience skills such as come, sit, down, stay, place, eye contact, and leave it. These obedient skills your dog will learn can be used to address common problems such as jumping-up on guests, stealing food from the tables, and pushing past the door. These sessions are completely customizable to fit your needs and goals.

Barking Dog Training

 “Well trained dogs get to be with family and part of a family. When dogs are well trained they don’t have to stay in the other room when guests come to visit and they get to accompany their owners to events like the kid’s soccer games. Dogs that are trained live fuller lives and are a joy to take out.”

Barking Dog Training

Adult Dog Complete Package

-1 year and older

This package was designed for dogs one year and older. This package is the most complete package which provides you with the ultimate level of support and guidance, designed for your adult dog. This package will include (6) one-hour in home sessions. The following (4) one-hour sessions will take place at areas such as parks, hardware stores, and outdoor shopping areas, teaching your dog to learn and focus on you under distractions. In this package, I will show you how to teach your dog important obedience skills such as come, down, stay, leave it, place and heel. After setting the foundation of obedience, we will take your dog’s training out into the real world (4 public sessions) where they will learn how to behave utilizing their new skills. These sessions are completely customizable to fit your needs and goals.

Barking Dog

Behavior Modification Packages

-Dogs of any age

In the United States, 68% percent of dogs enter a shelter due to behavior issues. The number one cause of euthanasia for dogs in the United States under 3 years old is not infectious disease, it’s behavior problems. In fact, more dogs under 3 years old are euthanized each year for behavior than all infectious diseases combined.

The behavior modification program is designed to help dogs that are suffering from issues such as the following.

  • Anxiety
  • House Soiling
  • Chasing Cats, Chickens, Other Small Animal
  • Problems with Grooming/Nail Trims
  • Problems at the Vets office
  • Retained Puppy Habits Like Mounting
  • Guarding
  • Excessive Barking
  • Reactivity
  • Lunging at Other Dogs/People
  • Biting Other Dogs/People
  • Fear

These sessions are completely customizable to fit your needs and goals. These sessions can be performed in-home, in public, or both. Please note that if you are purchasing a First Consult and you decide to purchase a package, the First Consult fee will go towards the price of whichever package you choose, but will count as a session for that package. Packages are available in the following.

10 Pack
6 Pack
3 Pack
1 Session
Consultations include travel to your home, behavior assessment, 2-3 training exercises and verbal training plan. $85.00

Some cases of anxiety, fear or cooperative care training, may be successful using virtual training. Each virtual package includes:

* 2-3 follow up resources from me in the form of video or article

*2, 10 minute or less review sessions where you send me a video of you practicing and receive feedback.

*30 minute virtual session with me.


Bud training in public