Adult Dog Training

two mastiffs

Adult Dog Basic Package

This training package is for dogs who are 1 year or older.  During this package, I will show you how to teach your dog basic obedience skills like come, sit, down, stay, place and leave it.   I will come out to your home six times for one hour each and spend time with you and your family showing you how to teach your dog important skills that you can use in everyday life.

Cost: $421

German Shepherd

 “Well trained dogs get to be with family and part of a family. When dogs are well trained they don’t have to stay in the other room when guests come to visit and they get to accompany their owners to events like the kid’s soccer games. Dogs that are trained live fuller lives and are a joy to take out.”

Dog Training Rescues

Adult Dog Complete Package

This package was created for dogs one year and older. During this package I will show you how to teach your dog important obedience skills like come, down, stay, leave it, place and heel. After setting the foundation of obedience we will take your dogs training out into the real world where he will learn how to be polite and have manners in public settings like the park, pet store and home depot. This package includes 6, 1-hour training sessions where I come to your home and 4, 1-hour sessions where we train in public locations to fully distraction proof the cues your dog has been taught..

Cost: $675

mastiff mix

Adopted Dog Starter

This package is for dogs who have been adopted from a 501c3 in the last 20 days. This package teaches you how to help an adopted dog fit into your home, guides you in setting boundaries with your new dog, builds a bond and sets a strong foundation of obedience skills.
This package includes 6, 1-hour in-home training sessions where I come to your home and spend time showing you and your family how to best help your adopted dog adjust to his new life with you.

Cost: $355

Bud training in public

Behavior Modification Packages

68 percent of shelter dogs enter the shelter due to behavior issues. The number one cause of euthanasia for dogs under three is not infectious disease, it’s behavior problems. Infact more dogs under 3 years old are euthanized each year for behavior than all infectious disease combined.

Ahmia spent years doing behavior modification full time for a shelter in Colorado, so she has experienced your dog needs to modify the behaviors that are making your dog impossible to live with. She fully understands the importance of receiving training results in a timely manner.

*Anxiety *Excessive barking *Reactivity *Dog – Dog issues *Biting *Barking and lunging on walks *Fear *Guarding *House soiling * Chasing cats, chickens or other small animals *Problems with grooming/nail trims *Problems at the vet * Retained puppy habits like mouthing

Behavior Modification Packages

  • 10 Pack – $755
  • 6 Pack – $523
  • 3 Pack – $300
  • 1 Session $135
  • First Consult (Single) $85
  • Some cases of anxiety, fear or Coopertive care training you maybe successful using virtual training $25 each with a $20 virtual consult.