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Student’s Dogs

California Kiwi

Group Puppy Classes

Example of a few Novice Tricks
How I train come
Beginning Stages of Cooperative Care Shelter dog Duke and Volunteer Keely.
Nail Trimming Video
Training your dog to lay down Ahmia Black working with Shelter Dog Tiggs

My Demo Current Demo Dog

Buck my current Demo dog a 3 year old intact German Shepherd from Colorado. He enjoys IGP, Fast Cats, hiking, playing with other dogs and playing fetch. He isn’t motivated by food, but loves toys. Buck helps me assess dogs with unknown history around other dogs and helps dogs learn to be more comfortable around dogs. He has special skills in knowing what other dogs need. If other dogs are uncomfortable and need more time and space or if they need to learn boundaries and can gently teach those as well. Buck came from a breeder in Colorado.

Charlie the Dogue De Bordeaux – RIP

Charlie passed away at 9 years old, which is old for a DDB. She did a lot of different sports including free-style heeling and PSA. Charlie’s favorite pass-time was being social we did school event and education for the City of Aurora Animal Services and volunteered at hospice. Charlie was fantastic at helping me modify the behavior of shelter dogs who struggled with interactions with other dogs. She also eliminated the need for a second handler in dog-dog assessments at the shelter. Durning a dog test if the other dog became aggressive, she would go to her crate and wait for the next dog. If the dog was friendly, she would stay and play.

Boss Neapolitan Mastiff- RIP

Boss was a more serious dog than Charlie and Buck. He took obedience and protection very seriously and he was very difficult to distract. Boss did obedience demonstrations for many years and competed in varies sports throughout his life. Boss earned his BH in Shutzhund USA being the first neo to have earned this title. Boss truly loved everything about training.