Dog trainer in northern Kentucky

dog trainer in nothern kentucky

Are you looking for a dog trainer in Northern Kentucky? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Kentucky Canine Coach LLC offers adult dog Training & behavior modification services. As well as puppy classes that can help your furry friend become the best possible companion.

We recognize that every dog is different, and the way your dog learns is different from every other dog. We take into account your dog’s specific needs, lifestyle, and the situation that you are training him or her for. We will also spend time getting to know your dog and his or her unique personality. We can then decide on the best course of action that will work best for your pet!

dog training in nothern kentucky
nothern kentucky dog training

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you train dogs that are not food motivated? 

Yes, I have lots of experience working with dogs that don’t have a lot of food drive. For these dogs, we can use toys, play, sniffing, and freedom to chase or build food drive through the learn-to-earn program.

I’m looking for a dog can you help? 

Yes, whenever possible I like to help my clients find the right match. I can help you find a reputable breeder who does early socialization and training. Looking to adopt? Even better we can help keep our eye out with our connections to rescue fosters and shelter staff. We can also help to assess dogs that you might be considering for a particular sport or job.

I’m a rescue or shelter and we have a dog that we need help with.

You may join a group class with a dog currently being fostered with a 501c3 with written permission from the rescue at no charge. If the dog has behaviour concerns such as being reactive on leash, excessive barking, or other behaviour issues holding them back from adoption please reach out through our contact page.

My dog knows a lot of stuff I just need help with one or two things will I have to buy a whole obedience package?

No, if your dog already has had training and you just need help with a few things you can purchase classes one at a time. Examples of this may be training to accept nail trims, separation anxiety, leash pulling, etc.

How much time per day do I need to practice with my dog?

The great thing about this training is that you don’t have to set a specific amount of time aside per day in order to train your dog! We will teach you how to incorporate this training into your daily routine. Short sessions multiple times a day is perfect. If you are finding yourself overwhelmed by the idea of practising training with your dog or puppy we can always look at board and train options.

Do you work with aggressive dogs?

Yes. I have extensive experience modifying the behaviour of aggressive dogs. These dogs range from chihuahua’s struggling with biting the vet to overprotective Cane Corso. I have done behaviour modification for 100’s of dogs with dog aggression, human aggression, resource guarding, and aggression towards livestock and small animals.

Do you offer group classes?

I offer group classes including beginner and advanced.

My beginner classes are perfect for students who own confident and social dogs. These are for owners looking to teach new skills and build their dog’s self-control. This is not a good fit for dogs who need to work on behaviour problems like jumping on guests in the home, chasing cars, leash reactivity, fear, or aggression. These are $119 for 6, 1-hour sessions

My advanced group classes are for dogs and puppies that already know to come, sit, down and stay. For these packages, I teach you how to prepare for things like the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test, Community Canine Test, Rally, and Trick Titles. Each package is 6, 1-hour sessions and costs $225.

Do you offer Board and Train Services?

Yes, I offer board and train services for select clients. My husband and I do our board and train very differently than other companies.

Dogs are brought into our home where they are emersed in-home and manners training, taken on daily socialization outings, and receive multiple training sessions every day.

Due to our complete focus on your dog, I only accept dogs from 1 home at a time.

This means I will never take your dog as a board and train if we have another client’s dog at the same time. This allows your dog to be our sole focus. Our board and train session runs in 1-week blocks and you can book as many blocks as you would like. Each week comes with 2 transfer sessions.

When should I start training with my new puppy?

We want to prevent behaviour issues from ever starting ideally we would like to start the sooner the better. Our puppy starter pack offers early support, training, and socialization in the home before 16 weeks of age.

A puppy’s first 16 weeks can influence its behaviour more than most people realize. Puppy brains are very special. The results of many behaviour studies and EEG measurements demonstrate that a puppy’s brain is better equipped to learn about new experiences with less repetition and to retain those memories and early learning experiences longer.

The ease with which they learn begins to decline noticeably around 14-16 weeks. This is when the “critical period of socialization” window closes. According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s position statement “It should be the standard of care for puppies to receive such socialization before they are fully vaccinated.”

How do I get the training process started?

If you are interested in starting to train the best thing to do is contact us by phone or email. With the exception of Sundays, I respond to inquiries at the start and end of every day. We are closed on Sundays to be with family.

Is an assessment required before I can book any training?

For puppies, adolescent dogs and adult dogs without significant behaviour issues an assessment is not required; however, an assessment may be recommended for some behaviour modification cases where dogs are displaying aggression, have bitten a member of the family, and have extreme anxiety, etc. In addition, there are some behavioural cases I will recommend an assessment with a veterinarian with a background in behaviour prior to scheduling a session with me.

Please also note that my assessment or consultation is not a sales pitch. During this assessment at least 30 minutes of it will be me showing you how to teach your dog and how to work with your dog.

What availability do you have?

I am available all the time during my open business hours (Mon-Friday 10 am – 630 pm and Saturdays (10 am – 4 pm) I am available to current clients for questions by call, text, or email 24 hours a day.