When we think about what is natural, healthy behaviors and lifestyles for domestic dogs we don’t think of hanging out inside all day, staring out the window all day. While some owners think of their dogs as lazy the truth is it’s very rare for a dog to be what we consider lazy. Dogs have been developed to be masters at conserving energy, so that on those long cattle drives or days hunting birds with their handlers they don’t get burned out or use to many precious calories. In the animal world efficiency is the name of the game. What is true is that a little yard time and hanging out indoors all the time rarely satisfies the needs of any adolescent dog regardless of breed.


Adopting a new dog is a lifetime commitment. Staff that works at animal shelters and rescues do their very best to give you accurate information about the dog. Sometimes you may see things and feel that you don’t see it while visiting. They give you information about the dog’s history it is important to take that into consideration even if YOU don’t see it right then and there. Shelters are scary places for dogs and dogs show their fear in different ways like shutting down or over excitement. They may show behaviors at home that they didn’t show in the shelter. Staff can give you this sort of important insight.