Breeder Spotlight: Rottweilers

Megan Hunter and Von Hunter Rottweilers

This week’s breeder spotlight is on Megan Hunter of Owner and Breeder of Von Hunter Rottweilers. 

Here’s the interview!

Tell us how you first got into the Rottweiler breed?

“I was looking for a loyal, protective companion to add to our growing family. After a lot of breed research, I came across the Rottweiler and was hooked. These dogs are absolutely one of the most versatile breeds there are, and I needed a dog that could fit right in with the children but also go out to work on the farm.”

Why do you love the Rottweiler breed?

“I love this breed for so many reasons, I thought it would be their “all-purpose dog” abilities that I enjoyed the most, but it’s actually their insanely goofy personalities. They are some of the funniest weirdos I have ever met, and each one I’ve known has his own individual quirks about him. Captain has this uncanny ability to locate every single sock in the house (dirty or clean), and will bring it to you, so you’ll be sitting drinking a cup of coffee and then all of a sudden you’ll get a sock flung at you and look up to see a big smiling face and wagging tail like he’s brought you golden treasure.”

 Why might a Rottweiler not be a good fit for everyone?

“They’re great dogs but definitely not for everyone. Anyone who isn’t dedicated to constant training and socialization absolutely should not own a Rottweiler.”

“If you don’t like a dog who follows you around the house and is a bit ‘velcro’ then probably not a great fit for you either haha. I also don’t recommend Rottweilers to people who want to use them for purely protection purposes and have no intent of actually doing protection training.”

Tell us a little about how you raise your Rottweiler puppies?

“My puppies are raised in my living room around all the noise and chaos that is a farmhouse with three little boys living in it. I’ve always put a really strong emphasis on early socialization and training. I tried puppy culture with my last litter and I absolutely loved it and will be using it with all future litters as well.”

What are some ways that you can help a new Rottweiler owner find the best puppy to fit into their family?

“Getting to know my puppy families is almost as fun as getting to know my puppies. I don’t allow families to pick their own puppies for their own sake and for the best interest of the pups. By the time picks are ready to be made, I’ve been talking with my puppy families for weeks if not months, building that breeder-client relationship, and I know their needs off the top of my head and I do my absolute best to pick the puppy who I think will fit perfectly into their lifestyle. =)”

 Tell us what makes you stand out as a breeder?

“I think what makes me standout most as a breeder is the effort I put into raising my puppies and giving them the absolute best start in life. In addition to that, the temperament of my dogs is something that speaks for itself, they just draw you in to them somehow. I also really emphasize that ‘lifelong breeder support’ all my pups come with; if you get a puppy from me you’re instantly part of the Hunter Rottweiler family!”

Megan Hunter and Von Hunter Rottweilers

Thank you so much for the interview! My husband and I have been talking about adding a Rottweiler to our family in the distant future and your breeding program certainly meets everything we would be looking for with our next puppy.

To learn more about Megan Hunter and Von Hunter Rottweilers you can visit their website at  or send them an email,

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