Breeder Spotlight: Presa Canario

Ryan’s Presa canario

This weeks spotlight is on Ryan Pettigrew a breeder of Presa Canarios and owner of Canarian Bull Kennels.
Here’s our interview…..

Ryan’s Presa Canario

What makes you love Presa canarios

“My brother first got me into the breed.

I love this breed because of the extreme difference between baby to the family and goofball but fearless protector of the family. They have helped me with my ptsd and I’ve become passionate about this breed.”

Who might not be a good fit for a Presa canarios?

Ryan’s Presa canario

“Fur parents who don’t want to take dog training serious or those who want a dog to go to dog parks or want their dogs to play with the neighborhood kids have no business owning Presa canarios.”

What makes you standout as a Presa canario breeder?

“I only do what’s right in terms of breeding healthy dogs for a purpose, based on temperament and structure.”

Ryan’s Presa canario

Thank you so much for the interview Ryan!

Ryan Presa breeder and owner of canarian Bull Kennel. On Instagram and Facebook.

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