Breeder Spotlight: Mastiff

Mary DeLisa Devine Mastiff

This weeks spotlight is on Mary DeLisa an English Mastiff breeder owner of Devine Mastiff.
Here’s our interview…..

Mary DeLisa with her beautiful Mastiff

Tell us how you got into the breed?

“I fell in love with the breed after meeting my neighbor’s Mastiff.
After getting my first Mastiff, I started volunteering with rescue. Seeing the Mastiff/Mastiff-mixes that came into rescue reinforced my desire to promote the breed standard (through showing and education), help potential Mastiff owners find a reputable breeder, and educate others on health issues that affect the breed.”

What do you love about English Mastiffs?

“I love how dignified the Mastiff breed is. The following quote still holds true: “What the Lion is to the Cat the Mastiff is to the Dog, the noblest of the family; he stands alone, and all others sinking before him. His courage does not exceed its temper and generosity and in attachment he equals the kindest of his race.” Cynographia Britannica 1800
Mastiffs are a very devoted and loving member of the family.
Mastiffs have a good-natured temperament.”

What are some reasons people might not want a mastiff?

“Mastiffs are a giant breed with most Mastiff males weighing around 170-240 pounds and females around 120-200 pounds.
Got drool? The Mastiff breed is known for its slobber.
Mastiffs are an expensive breed (e.g. cost of food, cost of medication, cost of medical procedures, potential health issues, etc.).”

What makes you standout as a breeder?

“For me, breeding is a lifelong commitment from the careful thought and consideration that goes into my breeding program to finding a good home for the puppies I produce to providing a support system for my puppy buyers throughout (and even after) the life of the puppy.”

What do you breed for in terms of goals?

“• Type: the goal of my breeding program is betterment of the breed which maximizes the parent’s strengths and minimizes their weaknesses.
Temperament: Early socialization is one of the keys to a healthy, loving, and well-behaved Mastiffs. I start socialization from the day they are born and continue to the day they go to their new homes. Socialization does not end in the whelping box and I work with my puppies’ owners on a socialization plan for when they go home. I start with Carmen Battaglia’s Early Neurological Stimulation, then use a combination of Puppy Culture and AviDog as they grow. Before they go home they complete The Rules of Seven and the owners complete the Rules of Twelve.
Health: I feel strongly that all dogs that I plan to breed are screened for any health problems that have available testing.”

Mary DeLisa puts alot of work in raising happy, healthy puppies that really represent the breed.

Thank you for the interview with us Mary DeLisa.

Mary DeLisa owns Divine Mastiffs,

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