Breeder Spotlight: Irish Wolfhound

This weeks spotlight is on Bad Wolf Irish Wolfhounds which is located in Verona KY.
Here’s our interview…..

Bad Wolf Irish Wolfhound

Tell us how you got into the breed?

“ My family is Irish, and I have loved giant breeds all my life. My first dog as adult was an Irish Wolfhound sired by the top IW in the country 2 years in a row. There was no looking back after that.”

Bad Wolf Irish Wolfhound

Tell us why you love your breed?

“They truly are what everyone says, gentle giants, and very committed to their families.  

While highly intelligent (almost too intelligent) they have a carefree goofiness that endears them to all people, even those not typically drawn to large dogs.  Just look at them. How strong and regal and dignified.  How could you not adore an Irish Wolfhound??”

Bad Wolf Irish Wolfhound

Tell us why the breed may not be for you?

“Their sheer size can overwhelm some when full grown. Even a 6 month old puppy can be 100lbs, and that is hard for some to deal with.  

While they do want to please you like any breed, they can get bored with training, so patience is key.  

Depending on the individual hound, they may have a high prey drive. Smaller dogs, cats, livestock may not be safe. But again, this varies by dog, and training.”

Bad Wolf Irish Wolfhound

Tell us what makes you standout as a breeder?

“Health and longevity are my primary concerns.

Conformation and function happens naturally after that. Years of pedigree and health research, testing, temperament evaluations go into each of my breedings.

For puppies, we liver shunt test each, and evaluate each puppy to match them to an ideal home on our list.”

One of the many things that stood out to us about Bad Wolf Irish Woldhound’s breeding program the specific way that she raises her puppies, so they have a fantastic head start.

Bad Wolf Irish Wolfhound

Thank you so very much for the interview!

Find them on Facebook at Bad Wolf Irish Wolfhound

Bad Wolf Irish Wolfhound

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