Breeder Spotlight: Great Danes

This weeks spotlight is on Kirk’s Dane Farm a Great Dane Breeder.

We picked Kirk’s Dane Farm because they do a lot of the same things that we at Kentucky Canine Coach LLC advocate for like puppy culture, raw feeding, and proactive ownership starting from the very beginning. 

Here’s our interview….

Kirk’s Dane Farm

How did you first get involved with Great Danes?

“I first got into the breed from a childhood babysitter who raised championed Great Danes. Although I was very young, I always wanted my own Great Dane, therefore I studied and researched as much as I could on the breed. It wasn’t until several years ago that I truly became passionate about breeding and poured a lot of research on how to raise the best temperament in Great Danes.”

Kirk’s Dane Farm

Tell us what you love about Great Danes.

“I love the Great Dane breed because of their love and devotion to their human families. Great Danes are incredibly genuine and loving animals that will surely bring a smile to anyone who comes in contact with one. I love that Great Danes can be the most majestic and beautiful breed and then turn into a complete love bug with goofy tendencies.”

Kirk’s Dane Farm

 Are there any families or people a Great Dane may not be well suited for?

“Great Danes may not be for those who cannot handle a lot of slobber or drool, considering the amount of water that pours out of their jowls when drinking water. Although they’ve been known to be considered “Gentle Giants,” their tails can bring a full-grown man to the ground in seconds. The Great Dane breed does best with someone who can show discipline and be consistent with their training.”

How do you decide which Great Danes to add to your breeding program?

“When pairing two Great Danes to breed, I look at several things, which take time to study. Temperament, researching pedigrees on both sides and health testing go hand in hand when I’m pairing two Danes together for future litters. Nutrition plays another important key to strong, healthy parents who will ensure strong healthy litters.”

Tell us what makes you stand out as a breeder? 

“I feel what makes me stand out as a breeder is the openness, I share with future families looking to add a Great Dane to their family. Each person I come in contact with has my utmost devotion and full transparency, especially when it comes to health testing and raising each litter. Families have peace of mind knowing their puppy has been raised with love, Puppy Culture, Rules of 7 and Rules of 12, as well as the Volhard puppy aptitude test.”

Think getting a Great Dane may be in your future? Contact Kirk’s Dane Farm   919-464-5695

Thank you so much for the interview and for putting in the effort to improve the Great Dane Breed. It is what makes you stand out as a breeder.

Beautiful Dane from Kirk’s Dane Farm

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