Breeder Spotlight: Czechoslovakian Vlcak

This weeks spotlight is on Sharon L DiGennaro a breeder of Czechoslovakian Vlcak owner of DireWolf Pack
Here’s our interview…..

DireWolf Pack

Tell us why you love the Czechoslovakian Vlcak breed?

“Vlcak can be challenging to train due to their intelligence but the connection you develop working and living with these dogs is incomparable.  If you are blessed enough to have one that howls with you, the soul dancing to the joy of life.

What might make the Czechoslovakian Vlcak breed challenging to own?

“Vlcak can be extremely destructive and require crate training otherwise they will destroy your home while you are hard at work.  They are stubborn as a 5 year old not wanting to eat his vegetables. The wolves ancestors have imprint the flee instinct, therefore some Vlcak are extremely shy and stress in strange environments.”

Tell us how you got into the Czechoslovakian Vlcak breed?

 “I began researching this breed over 10 years ago when I discovered them by accident researching Canine health and genetics. At the time there was only 2 breeders here in the USA and no puppies available.  Four years ago, I made the decision to import my dogs as puppies with health, temperament and working abilities in mind to assist in bringing this wonderful breed to the United States.”

Tell us what makes you standout as a breeder?

“I have bred and trained German shepherds for 20+ years. Temperament, health, and work ethics are important for any working breed but more so for a Vlcak. We train and work our own dogs so we know firsthand their strength and weaknesses. This allows us to strive towards our goals in our breeding program by improving these essential elements of a beautiful and solid Vlcak. All our puppies are raised utilizing the puppy culture program, which focus on the first 12-weeks developmental stages and how the breeder can improve/change that puppy life.”

One of the things that made Sharon DiGennaro stand out as a breeder to us is the work she puts into follow puppy culture in her puppy’s early development to give them the very best head starts.

A quote about the Czechoslovakian Vlcak

“They are the “great-grandfather of all dogs – the wolf – in the whole, its beauty and strength, but also its adaptability and variability.” – Československý vlčák by Karel Hartl & Jindřich Jedlička

If you are interested in learning more about these dogs please contact Sharon DiGennaro with DireWolf Pack.

DireWolf Pack

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