Breeder Spotlight: Cane Corso

This weeks spotlight is on Bonnie Spice breeder of Cane Corsos and owner of Windy Pine Cane Corsos.
Here’s our interview…..

Bonnie Spice Windy Pine Cane Corso

How did you first get into the breed?

“I got my first Cane Corso as a companion after a recommendation from a friend who had seen photos of them in a magazine. Shortly after that I began doing a lot of training with my puppy and became friends’ with other dog people, which drew me into dog activities and later breeding.”

Tell us why you love the breed?

“Cane Corso are very intelligent with a strong desire to please their owner.

Cane Corso are excellent home guardians, alerting when anything is out of the normal.

Cane Corso are athletic dogs that are extremely versatile from boating, swimming, hiking, hanging out on the couch – they do it all. “

Tell us some reasons the breed might not be for you?

“Cane Corso are strong, large dogs that require a great deal of training.

Cane Corso drool and shed.

If you are a social butterfly with people coming and going from your home a lot, a Cane Corso might not be the right fit for your family.”

What makes you standout as a breeder?

“As a small breeder focused on breeding quality above quantity I emphasize the health of my dogs beyond just the standard tests most breeders do.

I put a variety of titles on my dogs and encourage my puppy families to try new activities with their dogs. I stand behind what I produce and strive to have genetically healthy dogs, with sound temperaments, that live long happy lives.”

One of the many things that stood out to us about Bonnie’s breeding program s the specific way that she raises her puppys so they have a fantastic head start.

Bonnie Spice Windy Pine Cane Corso

Thank you for the interview Bonnie Spice!

Bonnie Spiece owns WindyPine Cane Corso

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