Breeder Spotlight: Boston Terrier

Ch. Katbird’s Gadget Play “Gadget”

This week’s Breeder Spotlight is Kathryn Graves breeder of Boston Terriers and owner of KATBIRD BOSTONS.

What do you love about Boston Terriers?

“The Boston Terrier is intelligent, affectionate, and athletic. Their size and energy level makes them suitable for apartment living and they are easy to travel with. Their trainability makes them excel as companions or as partners in dog sports.”

How did you first get into owning Boston Terriers?

“As I neared graduating from college I wanted a dog that was easy to care for and could live in an apartment as I didn’t know where life would take me. Because I also had horses, I wanted a sturdy and athletic dog. I also loved the expression of brachycephalic dogs.”

What are some things that you should keep in mind if you are looking to add a Boston Terrier to your household?

“Due to their short coats and short faces, they must be indoor dogs except when participating in sensible outdoor activities. They crave attention from their owner and need stimulating interaction. They can be emotionally sensitive and may not easily forgive harsh corrections.”

Do you think how you raise your Boston Terriers is different than other breeders?

“I think all reputable Boston Terrier breeders raise their puppies in their homes where they are exposed to common household sights and sounds. I have two large outdoor yards where the puppies get to develop strength and confidence running and playing with the other dogs. My decades of experience allow me to recognize each puppy’s personality traits so that I can choose the home that is best for them.”

Tell us what makes you stand out as a Boston Terrier breeder.

“I have been breeding Boston Terriers since 1988 and have bred over 60 AKC Champions. Because I also bred, trained, and showed horses for most of my life, I understand how important the correct structure and type is when evaluating dogs destined for the conformation and dog sport rings. I enjoy giving my show dogs a second career in dog sports such as obedience and agility and have achieved many titles in those venues as well.”

I love how KATBIRD BOSTONS know their puppies well enough to help owners with selecting puppies that are a good match for their family. I also think it’s noteworthy how much practice and dedication goes into doing things like conformation, agility, and obedience.

Thank you for the interview, Kathryn Graves!  

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Gaiting at Westminster
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