Meet the Trainer

My name is Ahmia Black. I am the owner and trainer of Kentucky Canine Coach LLC as well as a mom and a wife. Helping owners teach their dogs to be the dog they have always dreamed of owning is what I do.

In 2006 I began training animals on a professional level. While helping at a shelter in Littleton, Colorado I saw animals being relinquished for behavior problems that were fixable. In my heart, I knew if the owners had access to the right tools they wouldn’t be in the lobby of the shelter making the heartbreaking choice of giving up their pet. In 2013 I became the Behavior and Training Manager for The Humane Society of the South Platte Valley. I bring my love for animal welfare and passion for training to my training clients here in Kentucky. I don’t overbook, so you can be sure that I am giving you the special time and attention that you and your dog deserve.

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Continued education is extremely important for me. I strive to be able to provide the most current and up-to-date information to my clients. While staying up-to-date I have become a CPDT-KA certified professional dog trainer. With my own dogs, I have earned a total of 27 titles in different dog sports. Seeing my students reach for goals like the American Kennel Clubs Canine Good Citizen title and AKC trick titles is one of the things I enjoy most about training.

I hope to have an opportunity to help guide you on the journey with your new puppy.

As a training professional I choose to do additional certification programs, so I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. I also hold certifications in Fear Free, Canine CPR, Colorado Animal Control Association, National Animal Control Association, and an Associates degree in equine management from Northeastern Junior College.

In addition, to teaching owners how to work with their dogs I also have taught over 12 professional dog trainers that have gone on to obtain their CPDT-KA certification, many of who now run their own successful dog training businesses. I love working with aspiring dog trainers to teach them a diverse set of skills that they can use to gain experience on their path to certification. If this is something that interests you than please reach out to me.

German shepherd sunset
Ahmia’s German Shepherd Buck and one of his little friends.
German Shepherd with Titles
Buck, with his trick titles.