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Dog Training in Kentucky

Kentucky Canine Coach offers professional in-home dog training in Kentucky as well as group training, puppy training, and socialization.

Kentucky Canine Coach is focused on teaching you and your family while helping your puppy reach his full potential. Kentucky Canine Coach also offers behavior modification and training for adult dogs to heal and repair damaged relationships.

What’s important

Offering great customer service and teaching people how to understand their puppies and dogs is a huge goal for me. Helping dogs be easier to live with is what I do. Dogs with manners enjoy being even more part of the family. Nothing is worse than having to leave your dog out because of poor manners. It doesn’t have to be that way. I can help!

We give family pets more freedom

How I train

Dog Training in Kentucky

It is important to me that owners feel they have a say in how their dog is trained because if owners are comfortable they will be more successful in implementing the training plan that is in place.  My experience in training with diverse training methods will allow me to clearly explain your training plan so we can best select how to meet your training goals. You can feel free to call and ask me questions or ask to watch one of my public training sessions.

My passion for training began in animal welfare preventing owners from feeling the need to surrender their dogs to a shelter. Providing current and up-to-date information to owners, so that they can make informed choices.  To learn more about our trainer, Ahmia: Meet the Trainer

What areas do I cover

Dog Training in Kentucky
  • Walton
  • Richwood
  • Florence
  • Independence
  • Verona
  • Union
  • Big Bone

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